Bangkok Insider – The inside story of Patpong Museum

As a foreigner living in Thailand, we do get to meet some interesting people as we explore the wonders of Thailand. Some of those wonders are the unique exploits of legendary characters who have visited the City of Angels which is Bangkok. Patpong has been the crucible for many of those legendary stories as foreigners were drawn to the city that never sleeps. Today we take an exclusive tour of the Patpong Museum with our host Michael who is the owner of the museum. Over the last couple of years, Michael and his team have been putting together a unique collection of memorabilia focused on the last 100 years of the private streets knows and Patpong 1 and Patpong 2. The museum has been undergoing some refurbishment while Bangkok has been in a state of lockdown but it is scheduled to reopen again on the 1st of December with some new additions to the exhibit. This is one place you really need to check out if you are planning to visit Bangkok now that the travel restrictions have been lifted.

Patpong Museum

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