Bangkok Nightlife with no Tourists

Prior to the shutdown of Thailands tourist industry, we used to have regular boys nights out in Bangkok, but now that the tourists have gone, the streets are quiet. Tim called me up and said he was visiting Bangkok for the first time after moving from Cha-Am so we called around to see if any of the other local boys wanted to join us for a get-together. I can always count on Jerry to hang out given that he lives in Phrom Phong but as it was a Thursday night, some of the others may have jobs to go to the next day so it can be hit or miss. I did reach out to Pat who is another up and coming vlogger here in Bangkok and you might want to check out his channel (link below). We started out at Suzy’s Down Under Bar then went around to Soi 7 to see the new beer bars that have sprung up there recently. Our group gradually dissipated over the evening which left Jerry and me to finish the night off at Soi Cowboy. We can only hope that Thailand relaxes its visitor restrictions soon as the nightlife scene in Bangkok is almost gone now.

Bangkok Pats Channel

Down Under Bar & Grill

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