Chanya gives thanks for all that she has received

The spiritual life of a Buddhist can be a little confusing to a westerner but I’m constantly learning little nuances which fill in gaps in my personal studies. The gae bon ritual is one part of that and it basically involves giving back to the temple some form of gift, primarily food, as a supplication for the gifts she has had bestowed upon her. I’m still not sure why it involves visiting two temples, but I’m sure it is all about the places she has visited to ask for those blessings. I’m sure we get so wrapped up in our modern society that we often forget to give thanks for the personal wins we receive on a daily basis. Have you given thanks for those little things you’ve received?

Wat Klang Bang Phra
วัดกลางบางพระ หลวงพ่อสมหวัง

Wat Rai Khing
วัดไรขิง นครปฐม

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