Chanya takes the camera – What is Tinglish?

For the whole time I’ve had this channel, I’m almost always the person working the camera angles. There have been times when Chanya has grabbed the camera mid-shot and this has sparked a few subscribers to suggest I give her the camera for the whole vlog. Today we give it a try with a little success, but as she says, she’s shy with the narration part because she doesn’t speak good English. I am always telling her that it’s ok and I don’t speak good Thai either. She does need to get used to all the switches to make it all work naturally so we’ll work up to it. Of course, this brings up the constant questions from viewers regarding the “baby talk” angle. I don’t take offence at the remark simply because I realize the viewers making the comment don’t know the Thai language, the difficulty of learning the nuances of the English language and the underlying need for people of different cultures to communicate at a level of comprehension. Generally, these people have never left their own country or maybe their own city for any real length of time. When living in a foreign country, it is very important to make adjustments in many areas so that you can convey meaningful ideas. This is why we have a special language we call Tinglish and most foreigners living in Thailand use it on a regular basis.

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