House Hunting in our village

I’ve talked about a couple of properties for sale in our village here on my livestreams and today we get an opportunity to look through one. The walkthrough is without an agent and the property itself isn’t listed anywhere which makes it a bit unique. It seems that a lot of second-hand and special build properties don’t actually make a listing on the open market. I’m guessing it all comes down to the money side as Thai’s don’t want to pay the agent fees to help them sell a property.

We then move on to another Supalai estate just around the corner from Chanya’s Salon. Again we find that Supalai don’t want us filming the units but that is their loss for the free advertising I would be giving them. These units are certainly nice inside but the price is a little on the high side for the area and features. Supalai has been in the building game for 25 years and is losing touch with reality and expecting their name to carry them through. I won’t be tossing this one aside given the ease for Chanya to get to work but it isn’t my primary choice so far.

The Supalai Estate

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