Introducing Todd to our local Weekend Markets

Weekend markets in Thailand are a popular event for most Thai’s. There are great bargains to leverage here and it also helps the struggling Thai families to make a few extra baht on top of their weekly minimal wages. Of course, visitors to these markets can often find real bargains on new and second-hand items. This is Thonburi Market and it also goes by the name of Sanak Luang 2 and it is located about 20km west of central Bangkok. Everyone visiting Bangkok knows about the Chatuchak Weekend Market but if you live west of the Chao Phraya River, you would choose this market instead of fighting through traffic to go to Chatuchak. With all the drama Todd went through last week to finally get to Thailand, he ultimately forgot to bring teeshirts so that is our goal for today.

Sanam Luang Market 2
ตลาดสนามหลวง2​ จตุจักรฝั่งธน

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