It’s Chanya’s Birthday!

Join us as we celebrate Chanya’s special day, marking another journey around the sun. She’s in charge today, and her first stop is a visit to a Buddhist temple to make merit and boost her luck. Feeling blessed, we head to a charming local café with a shaded pond for a delicious meal.

Skipping the mall, Chanya opts for a bold birthday makeover and chops off her hair. The new look is fabulous and suits her perfectly! To top off the day, we visit our local gold shop in OmYai, where I surprise her with a beautiful 7.2-gram gold ring.

Chanya had an amazing time, and we’re excited to share these joyful moments with you!

Wat Klang Bang Phra

Uncle Toi Hanging Legs & Boss Cafe
ลุงต๋อยห้อยขา & เจ้านายคาเฟ่

Thaweechai Gold Shop 9
ห้างทองทวีชัย ๙

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