It’s Sunday and they cut our Power Off!

It’s not every day I can legitimately use a clickbait title, but they really did cut off our power and all of soi 34-36 in Rai Khing. It was a planned event, and I suspect that it was to upgrade the 3-phase capacity given all the new estates going up around the area. As there was nothing Chanya’s mom could do without power, and I can’t run my computer for 9 hours without current, Chanya took the day off, and we went on a sort of adventure.

Rung Stewed Chicken Noodles
รุ่ง ก๋วยเตี๋ยวไก่ตุ๋น

Vintage style barber shop C&N Barber
ร้านตัดผมชายสไตล์วินเทจ C&N Barber Shop สาขากระทุ่มแบน

Second-Hand Japanese Warehouse

Sanam Luang Market 2
ตลาดสนามหลวง2​ จตุจักรฝั่งธน

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