Life’s a Journey! Our life is one less travelled.

I certainly can’t say my life has always gone to plan, and I’ve had quite a few setbacks in my life which could have derailed my plan to live in Thailand, but I’ve always looked forward and kept the goal in mind. We’ve been running the channel for 6 years now and even I feel the content is getting stale and we need to pivot the channel somewhat to capture a wider demographic. We started our channel doing the lifestyle we lead in Thailand but when I look at our most popular videos, the main topics covered there is Thailand and Ladyboys. If I use the term Ladyboy in the video, it generally gets flagged as ‘not suitable’ for all audiences and if I use the term Transgender, it simply doesn’t get the click which doesn’t help as people don’t search on that topic. It is becoming a real challenge these days to pivot your channel towards what the general population want to view. Don’t worry, I’ll find a middle road and we will still cover our weekly life to keep our core audience engaged.

PAUPAO cafe & restaurant

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