Market day and a talk about Thai relationships

It’s still part of the King’s birthday long weekend, so we jump in the car and head out to Wat Don Wai floating market. Mother works long hours and never really get’s a chance to relax and enjoy herself, so when she does take the time off, she likes to wander the markets.

Anyway, I was having a long chat with a friend and we spent some time talking about Thai customs and their working life in relationship to foreigners coming over to find romance and maybe a new life partner. This seemed like a good topic for one of my off-the-cuff chats.

Wat Don Wai Floating Market

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  1. Love your vids, Wazza and Chanya. I find them very informative and enlightening. Only suggestion I would like to make is if the more serious vids such as relationships, visa, could be done in am more quieter setting as it is difficulty to hear what you are saying due to the background noise. I know it is Thailand lots of people, traffic etc I just find I lose information in the more serious vids due to the background noise which makes listening frustrating.

    Keep up the great vlogs!

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