More Tech Shopping Challenges!

Living in Thailand is an adventure, but when it comes to buying specific tech gadgets, the experience can be a real test of patience and persistence. In today’s video, I team up with Jerry once again to hunt down the perfect podcast microphone to enhance the voiceover quality for my streaming deck.

Our journey begins at the upscale Emporium Mall at Prom Phong, where we quickly realize that finding specialized tech gear isn’t as easy as it seems. Undeterred, we make our way to Fortune Town on Rama 9, a bustling tech paradise known for its vast selection of computer gadgets, audio equipment, music devices, and just about every tech import from China you can imagine.

Join us as we navigate the maze of stores, face unexpected challenges, and discover the quirks of tech shopping in Thailand. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just curious about expat life in Thailand, this video is packed with insights and entertainment. Don’t miss out on our tech shopping adventure!

The Emporium Shopping Mall
ดิ เอ็มโพเรียม

Fortune Town Tech Mall

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