My 90-day report was REJECTED!

As you know, if you’ve been following our life on YouTube, we moved into our new house in Nakhon Pathom 3 months ago. I had to visit the immigration office there to file the TM30 with Chanya because she is the house owner and I had to file my 90-day report for the new house. That all went smoothly and took only a few minutes. This time around I filed my report online as I have done for the last few years. The regulation does state that the online report needs to be filed between 7 days to 15 days before the required date. For the last few times I’ve filed online, I was only a couple of days out from my scheduled date and it had always been accepted so I assumed that the while 7-15 day thing was just a suggestion. It seems like they are now enforcing the rule and there seems to be no logical reason why they even need the rule given that they process the application within 24 hours anyway. As we say, this is Thailand and nothing here makes any logical sense except to emphasize the fact that no one in government is allowed to question why some rules are made. They are not paid to think for themselves, just check the boxes.

It wasn’t any real inconvenience as there are no queues at this Immigration Office and we were in and out in minutes. We also needed to pick up some stuff from the supermarket which made a full round the block trip for a video!

Nakhon Pathom Immigration

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