My Daily life here in Thailand

What is my daily life like here in the suburbs of Bangkok? I guess it could be considered boring for some. People saying “Hey, you’re in Thailand, why aren’t you doing travel videos?” Well, for one, I live in Thailand and I live in the suburbs of Bangkok. Do normal people living a normal life make videos of the suburb they live in?

Well anyway, I do like to keep my audience happy, so this is a bit of a snapshot of my daily life. Yesterday, I made a video that shows a snapshot of my video game life which I uploaded to my new Facebook Gaming page. Depending on whether you have Facebook or not, I’ve dropped that video onto the end of this one to give you more insight into my life here in Thailand. Some people may say my gaming life looks way more action-packed in comparison to my regular life! I might have to agree with those comments – Hahahaha!

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