My Visa Renewal and the restaurants are open again!

It was the yearly exercise to run the gauntlet for my yearly visa extension today. Thankfully, I no longer need to deal with the red tape at the Cheang Wattana Immigration office in Bangkok. The process at Nakhon Pathom immigration is very friendly and the staff are very smiley. You may remember the video from 2 weeks ago where I visited them to make sure I had all the information about what I needed. This made the process very simple and the paperwork was stamped with speedy efficiency. I was in and out in 20 minutes with no queue to speak of. I was a little concerned with the bank statements as they could only issue one to cover the year up to the 7th and today was the 8th. Again, this didn’t seem to present an issue for the renewal process.

As we were all done by 11 am, it was time to think about lunch, so Chanya already had a place picked out. We visited a place called The Memory House last year but they only had a cafe then. She told me they had now opened up the restaurant area and given that restaurants are now open again, it seemed like a great idea. I gorged myself on a rack of pork ribs and it would have been the best ribs I’ve eaten in a long time. The plum sauce really set the dish off and the meat was just falling off the bone. Chanya seemed quite happy with her food as well, but she did seem more interested in my ribs!

Nakhon Pathom Immigration

Memory House Cafe

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