Our first farang visitor to our new home

Cody has spent the last couple of years planning his move to Thailand and he finally made it here 2 weeks ago. He’s packed his whole life into 3 suitcases and heading down to Cha-Am to visit our mutual friend Tim. As Bangkok and surrounding provinces are in the dark red zone, he plans to check out some of the less risky zones which means a fair bit of taxi travel and he’s asked me to take care of one suitcase which has all his technical gear. He simply wants to travel light until he decides where he wants to put down roots or Bangkok is fully vaccinated and out of the dark red status. Now that he’s out of quarantine, he’s making his way to Cha-Am to spend a couple of weeks at Tim’s house. For the short visit to my place, we take a bit of a tour of our new home and comment on the state of the world right now.

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