Our ride to Jesada Tecknik Museum

It’s always fun when we can get the chance to ride as a group but getting everyone together can be a challenge. My best days to ride are weekdays but nearly everyone else in the group has jobs to go to. Not to worry, we did manage to get away for this Sunday to do a bistro run and a visit to Jesada Technik Museum.

We first met up at one of Koi’s friends coffee shop called the G&G Cafe where we drank coffee and waited for Ludovic to arrive. Koi had a fall from her bike last month so now that she was mended, she really wanted to get out to ride again. Ludovic is new to riding in Thailand so we took it easy on the roads and I ran the tail gunner position.

We headed off to Pomelo Cafe in the Nakhon Pathom province after a brief stop at a service garage. Koi told us she washed her bike the previous day which is probably why we had rain for today. You never wash your bike if you plan to ride! Anyway, the rain wasn’t all that bad and we have been experiencing drought conditions for the last 4 months so the water was welcomed.

After lunch, we were back on the road again to the museum and took a wander around there looking at all the weird and unique cars the owner has collected over the years. There is a spot further down the road where the owner keeps his vintage aircraft collection, but they had that exhibit closed. The situation there is that the owner is building a new place to house all the exhibits under the one roof so they closed the aircraft exhibit in preparation for the move. Anyway, it was a great day out and a relaxing ride out of the city.

G&G cafe

Pomelo Cafe

Jesada Technik Museum
เจษฎา เทคนิค มิวเซียม

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