Our road trip to Suphan Buri

Ok, I don’t make many temple visit videos but seeing at it is Asalha Bucha day, I’ll make an exception. The Asalha Bucha day is a religious holiday celebrated in Thailand on the first full moon of Āsādha (around the end f June to early July). It celebrates the first teaching of Buddha to his followers after his enlightenment. Basically, it is the starting day of Buddhism so fairly important to the Thai’s.

For this road trip, we visit 4 temples. 3 in Suphan Bury and one on the way there in Nakhon Pathom. We have visited 3 of these temples before and made videos of them but it was nice to get out and do them all in one day (without me having to do the driving)

Wat Sawang Arom

Wat Phai Rong Wua

Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan

Wat Thap Kradan

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