Our visit to Pattaya to remember a good friends passing

We got a message from Nick aka NDTVi Thailand letting us know there was a special event being held at the Hideaway in Pattaya to honour the passing of our good friend Kevin aka Kev-In-Thailand. We find it difficult to make our way down there to meet up with many of our friends in Pattaya because it is about 4 hours away from where we live but we made the exception for this event. Most people who make videos in Pattaya seem to focus on the bar scene so this time we’re looking at the shopping side as we don’t see much of that on video. The only thing that stood out for me on this visit was the obvious lack of tourists but that can only be expected if Thailand won’t let them come in. It was great to catch up with some friends we only see on video and have a chat about life in general.

Pattaya Soi 6

CentralFestival Pattaya Beach
เซ็นทรัลเฟสติวัล พัทยา บีช

The Hideaway Guest House and Bar

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