Sippin’ & Chatting: A Thai Life Chat at Our Fave Garden Cafe

Hey, Foodie Fam! Join us for a laid-back Thai life session at the enchanting Cafe the J, nestled in the heart of a former coconut plantation. We’re diving deep into spicy dishes, sipping on local delights, and sharing the flavours of our daily life here in Thailand. From battling sinusitis due to the notorious PPM2.5 levels to discovering a game-changing AI translator app, we’re spilling all the tea.

Chanya drops some wisdom on navigating the modern world’s aging process, and I stroll down memory lane from my computer engineering days to this retired Thai adventure. Dive into the vibrant Thai food culture with us, exploring the highs and lows of spicy delicacies and their impact on metabolism. We’re even tossing in some real talk about the Thai climate, living that warm weather life! ☀️

Oh, and don’t miss our chat about Thai Sinsod and the buzz around proposed changes in Thai law for transgender couples. Let us know if you’re vibing with the on-the-spot livestreams, and drop your thoughts in the comments!

Here’s a link to the Talking Translator app I’ve mentioned

Cafe the J

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