Sunday Market Walk-around

I still have difficulty understanding the whole work ethic of Thai’s and Chanya is no exception. She works 6 days a week and some nights she finds herself working past 10 pm because she has customers drop in around 8 pm closing time. To Thai’s, money is money and she won’t turn them away. Other times, she finds herself sitting in the shop for 2-3 hours without any customers which can get a little depressing.

I don’t let it bother me as it is her business and she can choose her working hours. As for today, she just wanted to spend a few hours walking around the local weekend market. While there, I reflected on a recent video by JC (RetireCheapJC) where he talked about the 800k holding deposit for expat retirees. I thought about adding my own thoughts to this as well and put a bit of personal spin to it.

Sanam Luang 2 Market

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