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Dentist visit 9 and a chat about meeting up

With today’s visit to the Dentist, I have the porcelain crowns fitted to the lower front molars which went through without a hitch. While in the waiting room, I talk about the recent meetups and again remind people who are visiting Bangkok that I am always open to taking a run into the city to catch up and chat one-to-one …

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    Hanging out at the Dentist again (แขวนอยู่ที่ทันตแพทย์อีกครั้ง)

    It’s Friday and I’m back to the Dentist again to have the ceramic express crowns fitted. All the girls are getting to know me now and it looks like they want to be movie stars on my video now. I do find it highly amusing. We were planning to start the next procedure on the bottom teeth, but the specialist …

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