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Back to the Dentist for visit No 3 (กลับไปพบทันตแพทย์ 3)

Ok, it’s back to the Dentist for visit number 3. During the fitting process, the doctor was very methodical and he wasn’t happy with the occlusion on the fit, so he put the temporary back on and has sent it back to the Dental Lab to be corrected. He still proceeded to move onto the […]

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The Dental work starts today (งานทันตกรรมเริ่มตั้งแต่วันนี้)

Well, it’s Tuesday and time for the first of my major treatments so the dental work starts. Don’t forget to bookmark the playlist for this if you want to follow along with how everything goes. As for today’s visit, everything went smoothly and I’m now scheduled to go back next Tuesday to have the full […]

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Dental work in Thailand (งานทันตกรรมในประเทศไทย)

I’ve been getting a few tingles on one of my teeth so I take a trip to the dentist to get it looked at. This is actually the second visit and a follow up from the first visit yesterday where I had a full clean and x-rays taken. The dentist yesterday recommended I come back […]

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