The Secret 3 Zones Cafe & Bistro

I missed the opportunity to spend the day with Chanya last week as she had to attend a style training session for her Salon. This does happen every month or so depending on what’s happening in the haircutting world and totally unpredictable. Thankfully, today is our day together and we take a short drive west to a newly opened The Secret 3 Zones Cafe & Bistro.

These next few videos will be featuring some cafe bistros which we have found mentioned on a blogging website and they all looked great for a visit. This bistro has a lovely river frontage setting which was very tranquil. It is an ideal setting for a group event of any sort if you were prepared for the run out of Bangkok. The menu wasn’t comprehensive but covered a good selection of Thai and western cuisine. It is an ideal destination to take your special someone for lunch or dinner.

Secret 3 Zones Cafe and Bistro

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