Unlocking Creative Possibilities: Building a Dual Camera Setup at Seacon Bankae

Join me as I embark on a quest to find the perfect gadget to enhance my camera setup and unlock a world of creative possibilities. In this exciting video, we explore the vibrant aisles of Seacon Bankae, home to a treasure trove of camera gear and accessories. From innovative dual camera rig components to the latest photography equipment, we leave no stone unturned in our search for the perfect addition.

But that’s not all! While at the mall, we take a delightful pit stop at McDonald’s in Thailand, savouring affordable and tasty delights that fuel our journey. The smiles and flavours of this charming locale add a unique touch to our adventure.

Don’t miss a moment of our thrilling afternoon outing as we dive into the world of photography and gadget shopping. Join me in uncovering hidden gems and creating a setup to redefine your photography game.

Explore with us at Seacon Bankae Mall, experience the joy of a dual camera setup, and indulge in some delectable surprises at McDonald’s. This is your invitation to a day filled with discovery, creativity, and memorable moments.

Seacon Bangkae
ซีคอน บางแค

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