Saturday , 20 April 2019

Retirement? Why Choose Thailand?

Today I take some time to give our audience a bit of a backstory on why I chose Thailand as the destination for Retirement.

Yes, it is a long one, but there was a bit of stuff to cover. I felt the best way to look at everything was to take a quick look at my life for the last 50 years to give you an idea of who I am which might help paint the picture of why Thailand was the primary focus. Even from around the late 90’s I felt a connection to Asia in general as a place to live. Although I loved Snow Skiing, I never liked cold weather which is another reason the tropical climate became a drawcard.

If I didn’t get the opportunity to visit Thailand for business, I might have found similar comfort in the Philippines but as luck would have it, I just went with the flow and found true love.

Our Housing estate Temple location

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