Tuesday , 16 July 2019

We check out the new Icon Siam shopping complex

It’s Chanya’s day off and she’s now been running the shop for a week, so it’s time to lift her spirits and take her shopping. After all, every girl loves to go shopping, and the new Icon Siam is the latest extravaganza in the Bangkok shopping world!

It was a bit of a challenge to get in here today. One reason is the place has only just opened, but the other reason is the construction work going on out the front on the main road. I guess some parts of the project simply weren’t finished on time.

The ground level is mainly set up in the style of a typical floating market, but this one is air conditioned which really makes it unique. You don’t get any real idea of the total size of the complex at this level. The ceiling is closed in which occludes the view of the upper levels.

We take the elevator up to the highest level available and then start to make our way down. Chanya is pretty hungry at this point so we stop off for lunch and I check out the view.
Anyway, after lunch, we continue to check out the complex and you soon start to realize the total size of this place. It is huge! I really think you’ll need to allow yourself a full day to really check everything out.

The place is making headlines everywhere and it seems that if you’re lucky, you’ll probably bump into all sort of riff-raff if you’re not careful. We bumped into Mayu and her worst half Ethan on our little adventure – lol. If you don’t know Ethan’s channel, here’s the link to his channel.

Oh, yeah, and here’s a Google map pin to Icon Siam

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