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Hello again all you channel followers who I have to say, I don’t know at all except for a few who have become great friends over the last 5 years. We recently clocked past the 10,000 subscribers mark and that seems to be a major milestone for a daily life video channel. I guess persistence is the key to growing a channel and I’ve been diligent to make sure we get at least 1 video out each week with an average of 2 per week. Today we check out Tamarind Cafe & Bristo for our Wednesday lunch and I give a bit of an introduction to all the new subscribers who haven’t been with us over those 5 years. Some people have made recommendations that I should go back to the beginning and review with updates on many of my older videos but I can’t see how that can pan out for the channel so I’ll put the idea into the cloud and see if it rains sometime in the future. All I can really say is, I’m glad I have made Thailand my home and I’m looking forward to many more years here.

Tamarind Cafe & Bristo at Donwai

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