A run to Salaya to meet up with Bolt

It’s Friday and it does look like we have a break in the unpredictable monsoon weather. I gave Bolt a nudge on his Line account to see if he wanted to hang out and go for a short ride around Salaya while I checked out a rental property for my mate Todd. If you don’t know who Bolt is, he also goes by the name Saifaa which was the nickname he was given when he first came to Thailand 10 years ago. He also has his own YouTube channel which I think is worth checking out and you’ll find the link below. This was our first meetup and given the unpredictable nature of the rains in the Thailand wet season, we had no plans to go for a long ride but once we can get some helmet comms sorted out, we do plan to check out more of the local area on our bikes. We did find the property that was listed on the website and shot some footage of the local area for Todd. We then headed out to look at some condo units where Bolt lives but we had to pack away the cameras because the weather looked like it was about to bucket down.

Here’s a link to Bolt’s channel so check it out!

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