A Thai holiday in remembrance of King Rama 9

For me today, it just seemed like a regular Wednesday lunch outing but as soon as I got on the main road, I could see something was different as the traffic was ridiculous. Chanya quickly told me that it was a Thai holiday in remembrance of the passing of King Rama 9 and everyone has forgotten about social distancing! She suggested we head out to the Lemon Tree Cafe which was a place we’d been to before, but when we got there it was obvious that every other Thai person had the same idea. We couldn’t be bothered waiting and even after 5 years in this country, I still wonder why Thai eateries don’t have a booking system. We finally found a place that we could nab a parking spot at which was already on our check-it-out list. The style of the place was interesting but the road noise was a setback. We were also disappointed with the table service where the wrong food was delivered and after an hour, they couldn’t get my Roti served so we decided to leave. This is the first time we’ve walked out of a cafe for bad service so I really can’t recommend this place. Yes, they were busy given the holiday situation but that is no excuse.

The nic cafe

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