All the “pretties” at the Mobile Expo

Yes, it’s that time again when all the pretties show up for the Mobile Phone Expo at the Bitec Centre. I certainly wasn’t disappointed this time around. The girls on the Banana IT stand looked sweet in their yellow outfits.

I was looking for a phone upgrade because I recently bought a Huawei P30 Light about 2 weeks before Trump announced the veto. This meant Google was prevented from shipping Android updates to Huawei to support their phone products. Let’s face it, the real issue is they are making great phones at really great prices and threaten the mobile phone business in America especially Apple. Even odder still is that Apple phones are also made in China, but Trump and his cronies are just a bunch of wankers!

After wandering around and checking out all the pretties, I did settle on a new phone called the RealMe which is made by Oppo. I’ve now been using it for a week and it really works well and at 11,000 baht, I think it is a real contender in this market place.

Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre

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