Saturday , 4 April 2020

Meetup with Joe and Tim at Seacon Bangkae

I was looking through the events page on Facebook to see if there was anything else worth attending around the Bangkok area. The problem with this is that you’re usually left in the dar because the event is written in Thai or the person writing the content inflates the event to make it sound great. This is what I found for the Lego Battle Robots event at the Seacon Bangkae. I called up Tim to see if he wanted to drop by and check it out with me as it wasn’t too far from us. If the event was a let down we’ll probably find something else to do there anyway.

It just so happened that my friend Joe was also in town and wanted to catch up for a chat, so I suggested he meet us there. Well, it turned out the that Lego event was a bit of a disappointment in that we didn’t see any destruction of robots, but there were some interesting robotic builds there. We also found a small exhibition of cars on display and the MGZSEV caught my attention. Although the EV had a list price over 1m baht, the non-EV model at 679,000 baht looked like a pretty good choice. I’ll be keeping my eye on the MG range to see how well the brand meets consumer confidence that’s for sure.

We finished the afternoon up at the Mall Bangkae because we found an interesting lighting device at the Seacon, but they didn’t have stock there. The AV Center at the Mall had what we needed which is where we finished up.

Seacon Bangkae

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