And it’s Chanya’s Birthday today!

It’s Chanya’s birthday today so we run the gauntlet of construction in our house and head off to the Temple. From there we stop in at the Ton Khao Terrace restaurant near our house for lunch where she reminds me that she can no longer take selfies with her phone because she dropped it a few weeks ago. Although I gave her 15k baht last Christmas which was to go towards buying a new phone, she actually spent that on me and bought me a new watch for my birthday last February. So, she didn’t buy her Apple phone but now she needs a new phone and she’s finally seen the light that Apple phones are expensive pieces of junk and she is happy to get an Android phone. She settled on the Oppo Reno 5 which looked like a pretty good phone for the price. At least now, her phone can take pics as good as my trusty Realme XT phone!

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