So you want to move to Thailand?

A typical question I get on the channel and on my social pages is whether people can come to Thailand. The short answer is yes, people are visiting Thailand but it all comes down to the visa application which is issued in your own country. If however, you expect to come here on a visa-exempt stamp when you land, you can forget it! But let’s talk about the misconceptions that people have about Thailand in general. This is a topic that Rob (20 seconds in Thailand) brought up on a recent video and he was making comments on a video from another vlogger in Chang Mai. That channel is Brett Dev and this was the video ( These 5 points are worth some time to discuss so here’s my take on the subject.

Thailand is a dangerous place
Thailand is a 3rd world country
All Thai women want to date you
The red districts were built for foreigners
Thai’s always trying to Scam You

Big C เพชรเกษม

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