Bangkok Bikerz – Sunday ride to Little Tree Garden Cafe

Today I meet up with Bolt again at Salaya and we take a short ride to Little Tree Garden Cafe. I’ve been to this cafe a couple of times before and it really is a great garden cafe setting. This weekend is part of the 4-day national holiday to commemorate King Chulalongkorn who passed away on October 23, 1910. The cafe had a good turnout given it is a Sunday and part of the holiday break but I was disappointed that the cake I ordered had sold out. Maybe we should have gotten there earlier? Bolt and I talked about building up the focus on doing these ride videos which will all come together when we get our 3rd member of the Wile-e Wombat Riders hanging out with us. He’s only 8 weeks away from his big move to Thailand now. I’ve also been through my video catalogue and reorganized my playlists to present the different channel topics we have on our channel.

The Long Play version for those people who want to experience the real Thailand on 2 wheels can be found here

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