Bangkok Insider – My 5G booster shot then a Fortune Town tour

The first stop today is Bang Sue Grand Station to get my 5G booster shot. I really had no idea how big that station was as the last few times I came here, it was a short walk from the car park below. This station is huge and the signage is not very helpful. Aside from the 30-minute post-shot wait, the actual injection only took 10 minutes from signing the forms to getting stabbed. It was a definite improvement from the last 2 visits here.

After that, I jumped back on the MRT and headed for Rama 9 Fortune Town. I’ve been looking online for a Bluetooth speaker but I really wanted to test something before buying and I haven’t seen anything out where I live so I thought Fortune Town may have something. Fortune Town has replaced the famed Pantip Plaza as the central repository of all gadget related commerce in Bangkok. I still can’t see how anyone in there really makes a profitable business as everyone sells the same stuff at the same price! I was lucky though and found something that fitted my needs.

Bang Sue

Fortune Town

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