Chanya surprised me with a Harbour Criuse!

Chanya has been keeping a secret for the last couple of weeks and tonight I found out what that secret was all about. She sort of let the cat out of the bag yesterday when she said we needed to get a taxi to Asiatique so I thought she booked a nice restaurant there. It wasn’t long before she needed to check into the cruise booking when I realized we were going on a harbour cruise. Before we headed out, we took a wander around Asiatique. Other times I’ve been here the crowds made it quite hectic but given the current state of lockdowns, there were not many people around. Chanya wanted to go on the ghost train ride and I wanted to go on the Ferris wheel. It wasn’t too long before we boarded the cruise ship but I had to wonder why all the Thai’s were jostling for position in the queue given that all the seats were reserved. Maybe Thai’s don’t understand that a reserved table means it is reserved for you? All up, it was a great buffet dinner and the night was wonderful and memorable. We took a few photos as well – lol

ASIATIQUE The Riverfront
เอเชียทีค เดอะ ริเวอร์ฟร้อนท์

Royal Princess Dinner Cruise

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