Chanya wanted to do a market run

I was busy playing games on Sunday morning and she taps me on the shoulder and says she wants to go to the market. Fair enough, we haven’t been for a few weeks and given the amount of rain we had over the last few days, she needed to lift her spirits a bit. The market shopping always makes her feel better as she hasn’t had many customers over the last few days. Her soi has 200mm of water for the customers to wade through to get to the Salon. The drainage on her soi is appalling! Anyway, she did need a new pump for her fish pond at the shop and I needed a break from the game so off we went.

Don’t forget the Bangkok Insider vid for part 2 – The Ride Home

Thonburi Market Sanam Luang 2
ตลาดธนบุรี. สนามหลวง2

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