Cruising with the Sons of Arthritis – Ibuprofen Chapter!

I’ve been hard at work tweaking my video gear to produce a somewhat unique experience for our Discord channel members where they can join in and participate with us on a group ride. This phase 2 test was a success and the people who joined were able to see a forward-facing view of where we were riding while being able to have a group chat with the riders. The final phase of this will happen when Bolt (from Hey Kid it’s Dad), Todd when he finally escapes down under to live in Thailand and anyone else who can set up the necessary comms kit for their helmets decide to join us. The full un-cut ride will only be available on our Discord server but we will also record a condensed version like this video for our regular viewers which will be the main highlights of the ride and a special long plat version for others who couldn’t make it to the event. The main takeaway from this test today was that the technology behind the scene all worked flawlessly and the audio channels from Discord stitched well into the YouTube video format.

If you would like to check out the long play version of this ride, you will find it here

And for those people who are interested in the helmet coms kit I used, it is a Vimoto V6 which I found on Lazada. Obviously, I’m not making any special promotion for Vimoto as any helmet comms kit that can make a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone will work fine. I was very happy with the price and clarity of the Vimoto kit and it runs in way cheaper than brands like Sena and Cardo

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