We’re back to Cafe the J but what is happening in the Australian penal colony?

Now that our Wednesday lunches are back in the program, we revisit one of Chanya’s favourites which has a great selection of seafood. The Cafe The J has a great ambience set in a refurbished coconut plantation with a Coffee house in the front. She has spent the morning at the local hospital with her mom who has been feeling under the weather for the last week. I imagine it is the constant rain we’ve been having as it always seems to make Thai people anxious. Bangkok is not looking good in the “water waiting to drain” department for the next few weeks that is for certain. As for other news, we’ve just heard that our good buddy Todd has had his exit permit refused to leave the Australian Penal Colony. I do have my views on that issue which I’ve made reference to before, but it is ludicrous what the elected peoples’ government is doing down there. I feel there is more freedom in North Korea than what we’ve seen in Australia lately. They certainly aren’t governing for the people who elected them that’s for sure. And on other news, the word on the street about Thailand opening up to international travel now looks like a November 1st option is the focus. I’ll believe that when I see it!

Cafe the J

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