Fitting a gel seat upgrade for the Vulcan

Sorry guys, Chanya is not with me today, but I do take a run into Bang Na, Bangkok to visit Noi Watdan 24. My friend Bob had his Vulcan seat upgraded with a Gel insert last year and recommended this place.

I’m sure some of the comfort issues for cruisers is solved by manufacturers like Harley Davidson by using a spring seat, but the seat on the Vulcan is fixed to the frame which means there is only a basic foam layer to absorb the bumps. Adding a 20mm layer of Gel to the seat will help absorb and even out the pressure points on the seat or that is the theory behind it anyway.

I was quite impressed with the speed these guys worked at, given that I didn’t make an appointment but they were quick to the task anyway. 45 minutes later, and parting with 2,000 baht, I was on the road again.

Noi Watdan 24

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