House Hunting in Thawi Watthana

Today we took a short drive to a new estate just north of us near the Sanam Luang 2 weekend market area. This was a location my friend Tim made reference to a few weeks ago so we thought we’d go check it out. The Gusto Townhome Phetkasem – Thawi Watthana is located close to the Sanam Luang 2 weekend market area and is nearly all sold out on the current build. They did show us the style of the new townhouses they plan to release next year which are bigger, but probably won’t be ready by the time we want to move. Our lease is up next April and we hope to move elsewhere before then. The current 3 room houses look nice and they have a good price tag too, but for our needs, they are a little on the small side.

We then took a short drive back towards Phetkasem Road to look at another estate we passed on the way up. The exterior presentation was a sort of Italian style but I personally couldn’t see the resemblance. The unit style was almost identical to Gusto yet more expensive. Another annoying part was that they didn’t allow us to film the units which was quite silly given that the inside layout was nearly identical so what were they trying to hide? These units were more expensive also so if it came to a choice between the two estates, I know where my money would be spent.

Gusto Town Home Petchkasem-Taweewattana
กัสโต้ ทาวน์โฮม เพชรเกษม-ทวีวัฒนา

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