It’s a crazy F’ed up world we live in!

I was reading an article today stating that North Korea had stolen 300 million in Bitcoin over the last 6 months to fund its nuclear weapons program. Fair enough, they want to play with the big boys but what about all those people they ripped off! Ok, so the idiots playing the gamble on the new currency system have no idea how to secure their wallet? If that’s the case, then kudo’s to North Korea for exploiting their ignorance. People need to either wake up to this modern world or get out of the park! The Bitcoin spiked this week because US regulators have to be told on where corporate funds are funnelled and Tesla divulged that they owned 1.5 Billion in Bitcoin and that sent the world into a complete spin. It just seems to me that no one has a F’ing clue any more on how to think for themselves.

Anyway, on the local scene, we chose to have lunch at the Central Plaza Salaya today because I wanted to eat steak. Life is simple here in Thailand and it’s just the way I like it!

Central Plaza Salaya

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