It’s the Big Move – Moving house Thai style!

Although I’ve never had to actually move house properly before, there are a lot of differences when Thai’s do it. Of course, I did bounce around between a few houses in my late teens and early 20’s, but in those days, I was just moving my personal belongings from one house to another. I bought my fathers house in my 30’s so I didn’t have to move my junk out. I’ve also been the coordinator to do some large office relocations over the years but this time I’m actually moving house complete from one location to another. If I was doing it, I’d organise a professional team, but Chanya has conned some of the extended family into the ordeal so I guess that will save us a few bucks. There is still mothers sweatshop business to move over, but the Man Cave is all set up and ready to run again which is the main thing!

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