Karaoke Night with the Gang

Join us for a night of laughter and fearless performances as some of our adventurous crew decided to shake things up with a spontaneous Karaoke Night! With no agenda other than to enjoy ourselves, we belted out tunes and shared plenty of giggles.

Among us, we had a secret weapon – one member who’s been honing their singing skills with lessons, and let’s not forget Chanya, who’s practically a Karaoke pro when she’s not in front of the camera! Could her past life as a Cabaret Dancer have something to do with her impressive vocal chops?

But beware! Our enthusiasm might have gotten slightly out of hand as we almost broke the Karaoke machine with our passionate renditions!

For our beloved Members and Patreons, there is the raw and unfiltered version of our Karaoke escapades in your video feed, so you might want to check that out, too.

Clink Bar & Karaoke

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