Let’s ride and chat about a few things

Ok, the attention span of most people on YouTube is about 30 seconds and it takes me at least a minute to get to any sort of point. There are so many things I should do to improve my click-through rate but I’m here for fun and maybe give some tips for Thai living. Today I’m just testing out a new lavalier microphone I’ve fitted to my helmet and rejigged the camera setup in the hope to improve the ride-along experience.

I do give a shoutout to a new channel called Hey Kids it’s Dad which I’ve stumbled across and enjoy his content. We are trying to work out a plan to ride together in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that.

Here’s his channel link – https://bit.ly/3ks1PVN and here’s the video where it’s talking about rice – https://youtu.be/P3lilAfhs-M

I also give a shoutout to Bangkok Pat who’s another great YouTuber covering interesting topics on Bangkok life. Check his channel out here – https://bit.ly/3B9duPY

One of the topics I do talk about at some length is the differences between Immigration offices and my thoughts on the best way to address the process of visa extensions so you might want to check that out over the course of the ride around.

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