Let’s talk about Odysee while I drop into the Mall

Odysee is a content sharing platform with a focus on video sharing that runs on the LBRY blockchain. For this video, I’m back at the Mall in Bang Khae to pick up a new backup drive because the price is right but I felt I should introduce more of our followers to the Odysee platform. I’ve done my best to keep the concept simple as much as possible but it is difficult to introduce new technology to people who barely know how to turn their computer on. We live in an ever-changing technical world where new stuff happens whether we like it or not. I think you should at least check it out and see if there is something in it for you. Let’s face it, wouldn’t you like to get PAID to watch your favourite video creators?

Use this link to check out Odysee – https://odysee.com/$/invite/@WarrenGerdesTV:e

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