Coffee with Buffalo and Thai Time

One of the hardest things to do with making lifestyle videos for a YouTube audience is coming up with some catchy titles. Of course, trying to organize our day can also be quite a challenge as well when she doesn’t really know what she wants to do. Today was really no different than any other Wednesday but we did have a bit of a plan when it started only to have that plan waylaid but other influences beyond our control. There is one thing I’m thankful for which is that I really don’t have any pressing plans to do anything specific from a day-to-day lifestyle because I’m retired. Our Wednesday lunch was a non-starter because we gorged ourselves last night with mu kratha (Thai BBQ all you can eat) so we really weren’t in the mood to have a big lunch. She did pick out a nice coffee shop up the road with some local wildlife in the form of some domestic Buffalo.

Kanna – Cafe by the fields

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