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Chanya found another really sweet restaurant to lunch at today, and I have to admit, it has a very comprehensive menu for a place this size. The food we ate was, you might say, Italian style, which was only one of the many styles of food to choose from. After we ate had had a bit of a look around the place, it became evident that there is a group of eateries in the location which all service the restaurant which explains the extensive menu, I guess. The real question on my mind is, what does Chanya think of me hanging out with the Bangkok Insider crew in Pattaya for 3-days? We’re planning the 3-day jaunt to Pattaya to see the sights as I’ve only ever had flying visits over the last few years and really have no idea about the inner workings of the place. Chanya doesn’t like Pattaya either, as there are too many foreigners there, and they generally bring their narrow-minded world views on LGBT issues to the discussion table, which is the last thing Chanya and I care to deal with in our life. Going down with the boys might just give me a different idea of how Pattaya works.

Anya’s Place

Makro Salaya
แม็คโคร ศาลายา

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