Bangkok Insider – Long Stay Visa options for under 40 | On the streets of Sam Yan

It can be a complex process to find long-stay visa options for Thailand. Cody arrived in Thailand around 12 months ago on a 2-month Tourist Visa, but that was at the height of the Thailand lockdown where nothing was predictable. He moved to Hua Hin at the start of the lockdown and took leverage of the C19 extensions once his entry visa ran out. He then decided to take an Education visa to study the Thai language, which is one option the younger travellers can take up if they want to stay here. That long-term visa runs out in a couple of months, so he’s now looking into the 5-year Elite Visa, which has a price tag of 600k baht. This might sound expensive, but in the grand scheme of things, it is only 120k baht per year. He needs to sort out some logistics issues with that, as they usually only issue those visas from outside Thailand. That being said, he’s also looking to find a new condo to live in, and today we’re wandering around the Sam Yan area as this is quite central to everything in Bangkok.

Samyan MRT

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