Bangkok Insider – It’s Korean BBQ in Bangkok with the crew!

It’s always a treat to head into Bangkok to sample some of the international cuisines, and Chris stepped up to the plate and organized a Korean BBQ. We’ve walked through Korea Town on Sukhumvit a few times to see what was on offer, but this is the first time a few of us have actually stopped to eat there. What surprised me was that we managed to get parking under the Plaza, which was a bonus given it had been raining quite heavy when we got into the city. Alas, Todd wasn’t so lucky with his short walk from The Down Under Bar, where he had holed up earlier. Not only that, he arrived soaking wet and 10 minutes late, which is expected or commonly referred to as “Thai Time.” He’s not been in Thailand for a year yet, but he’s already picking up some Thai habits!

Myeong Ga

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